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Residential and Commercial Tree Services near Pass Station FL

First-Rate Tree Services in Pass Station FL

Did you know that beautiful, mature trees add value to your property and help sell your home when the time comes? It’s true! Buyers love all the benefits that mature trees give. Trees provide much-needed shade, beauty to your property and can even hold a tree-house for your kids.

But just as healthy trees add to your property value, damaged or dead ones can detract from it. Dead trees are a magnet for insect infestations, animal habitation and can be a danger to your house in severe storms. Proper tree maintenance is vital to keep your trees healthy and strong. In Pass Station, Mac’s Tree Service is the local expert to call.

Superior Arborist Services

Our family-owned and operated business has faithfully served the Jacksonville region for over 45 years. Our accumulated expertise will ensure your trees remain beautiful for generations to come. Our team arrives quickly and works efficiently to provide tree trimming, tree pruning, or tree removal.

In addition to these services we also offer emergency tree removal, light land clearing, crane services, and commercial tree services. We’re the dependable, knowledgeable partner you need to help your trees live their best life.

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Our friendly team is waiting to assist you with more detailed information about our wide range of services. Contact us today for a property assessment. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner for all your tree service needs.